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Vehicle Brake Repair and Service

Brake repair can be as simple and straight forward as changing the pads or as complex as changing all the parts that go into your brake system.  The life of your brakes also vary with the way you drive.  People that pull heavy trailers, carry heavy loads or do a lot of start and stopping put a lot of pressure on their braking system.

The one key to your brakes is that they work 100% of the time when you need them.  Being able to stop a car, truck, or SUV that weighs several thousand pounds is not easy and the last thing you would want is a system failure. 

The team at Marvins Auto Repair have been providing full service brake repair and service for over 30 years.  We do a through inspection of your entire brake system for you. We will present to you what needs to be done to keep you and your family safe.

There is no one size fits all answer when dealing with brakes. 

Some of the many variables can be how aggressive you drive and use your brakes, do you drive a lot of highway miles or short distances? 

Then you get into the types of brake pads that are being used on your vehicle:  composites, organic compounds, metallic pads, or ceramic pads? 

Do you often pull a trailer, have heavy loads, or drive steep terrains are other factors that play a critical role in how fast your brake pads wear.

Each brake pad has a different wear rate and price point to be considered and we help guide you through the process of works best for your situation.

When do you need new brakes?

Mileage is one key indicator but some sure signs are squeaking or grinding noises when you apply your brakes.  The sound typically varies with the speed of your car and braking will alter the noise produced.

If you feel that you are pushing harder on the pedal to stop your vehicle, your car pulls to one side as your brake, or the stopping power seems weak. Symptons can come and go but should not be ignored. 

Worn and warped rotors from excessive heat while braking can cause a vibrations or pulsing effect whenever you hit your brakes.  These signs can be annoying and cause increased damage to other compents of the brake system and decreased performance.  That is why it is important to have your brake system inspected when you notice the little problems.

Our ASE certified mechanics are happy to check your brake system so that you can have piece of mind.  To schedule an appointment contact us here



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