Lexus NX 200t Air conditioning Services

Lexus NX 200t Air conditioning Services

Air conditioning not blowing cold right now? Marvins auto AC repair new albany inservice can help your Lexus NX 200t ac blow nice and chilly again. It could be something as straight forward as charging up the necessary refrigerant for your NX 200t. 

A through investigation of your air conditioning system is the beginning to discovering  the hidden potential issue. 

Between your explanation of the issue and our complete diagnosis we can present you a fix to solving your AC issue.  Marvins auto services number one is to have your air conditioning in your Lexus NX 200t blasting frosty when you leave our shop.

At Marvins Auto Service we invest in our ASE qualified mechanics and quality diagnostic tools. We source every one of our car, truck and SUV parts from reputable distributors. This allows us to give a 12 month parts and labor warranty upon every part that we install in your vehicle. We have stayed in business for thirty plus years because of our commitment to quality.

AC service guagesAs a family owned and operated full service garage we pride ourselves on doing the work right the first time. We have many quality customer base and we look forward to helping new customers solve their car, truck and SUV issue. One guarantee is that we do not charge, even one dollar, to run a scan of your automotive codes when you have a check engine light on the dashboard.

If you need air conditioning for your Lexus NX 200t, we can assist you. Give us a call for more information.