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4 Indications Your In Need of Brake Repair You Especially Want To Checkout Number 4

April 1, 2021

How often do you have your brakes checked but your afraid of the brake repair bill?  This is a question you don’t want to answer when it is to late. 

Imagine coming home after a day of working when you hit your brake pedal and it goes to the floor and the car only slows a little bit.  Not the scenario you want to find yourself in.  One day I found myself in that exact situation and I was lucky to be turning on to street with no traffic and I was able to coast to a stop.

A ton of vehicles are engaged with mishaps because of faulty brakes, this is why you might want to make sure that your vehicles brakes are in tip top operating condition. In case you’re stressed that you basically don’t know how to deal with this, you would want to have the brake system inspected by a trustworthy ASE certified mechanic. Even if you feel that you are competent at brake repair yourself it still never hurts to have a professional check out your braking system.  Because, the brake system is the most important safety system in your automobile and we want to provide you with 4 things you want to be on the watch for so you don’t end up a statistic. 

4 Brake Repair Indicators


Number 1:  Is utilizing your hearing for a high-pitched squeal each time you apply your brakes.  You would be surprised how many people ignore this noise from their car.  The high-pitched squeal can mean metal to metal contact due to worn out brake pads.  Delaying this repair can cause damage to other parts of your braking system and increasing the cost of the overall repair.  Many brake pads have an early warning device that accentuates the squealing of your brakes when the pads are almost warn out and need to be replaced.  Paying attention to the noise and having your brakes checked by an ASE certified mechanic is simple and smart.

Number 2:  Pay attention to the way your braking system is performing.  If you apply your brakes and it seems that it is taking longer to slow down and you find yourself applying your brakes even harder you may have a problem. This can be harder to detect in a car that you drive on a daily basis.  You will definitely want to have a professional check out your braking system without delay.  It is not only dangerous to keep driving the vehicle but you could find yourself with legal problems if you end up in a car accident. 

Number 3:  If your steering wheel is jolting or shaking when you are brakingmechanic repairing brakes while attempting to stop, this is a sign that you may have a problem with a rotor.  Over time a rotor can become deformed and need to be turned or replaced.  This is something you will want to have looked at immediately by a mechanic.

Number 4:  If you see smoke coming from the wheel well or smell a burning oder when you get out and the smell gets stronger as you approach your tire.  This is a sure fire indication of a problem with your brakes and you need to immediately see a mechanic to have your brakes repaired.

In car repair this is one place that matters for your safety and other drivers.  When it comes to your safety you need to go to a professional certified mechanic.  This is especially true with the newer cars on the road today.  The breaking systems in newer cars are more complex and require specialized knowledge that certified mechanics learn about.  I could have avoided a very scary situation, if I had my brakes inspected by a professional, that day.  I now have my brakes inspected at least once a year for peace of mind. So, in a nutshell, you need not delay when it comes for the necessity to repair car brakes. You would like to remind yourself that your safety and therefore the safety of others on the road is in peril when your brakes are faulty.